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Small Bedroom Ideas

Small Bedroom Ideas

When you're thinking about fixing up small bedrooms, the paint color is key. A good paint color can mean the difference between a bedroom that feels light and open, and a bedroom that feels small and cramped. When you're searching for ideas for small bedrooms, think about what kind of mood you're trying to set. Do you want something fun and colorful for a child's bedroom? A rustic-inspired bedroom for adults? A neutral guest bedroom? There's thousands of colors out there, but here's a few popular shades to get you started.

Small Bedroom Ideas - Paint Colors:  Shark

You can't go wrong with a neutral paint color like the color Shark. If you're painting a guest bedroom or if you're planning on renting out the house, a basic neutral shade is always popular for small bedrooms. This color is light and airy, so it'll make the room appear larger, but it has a touch of color so you're not blinded by white. You can pair this neutral paint color with whites and neutrals as you choose the furniture for the room. Adding a single accent wall could also give you a splash of color.

Small Bedroom Ideas - Paint Colors:  Kingston Aqua


This cheery aqua paint color is the perfect hue for a guest room or a child's bedroom. It's a gentle blue that adds color to the room without being too bright or blinding. Your son or daughter will love playing in this room with its bright, cheerful walls. It also pairs well with a variety of accent colors, including dark blue, white and brown. Paint some white clouds over the blue of this aqua paint color for an extra touch of childlike wonder.

Small Bedroom Ideas - Paint Colors:  Blarney Stone

If you're looking for unique small bedroom ideas, you can't get more eye-catching than a rich, vibrant green like Blarney Stone. This color pairs well with earthy accents like wooden tables and dressers. It's bold and intense, and when you step into the room it's the first thing you notice. Sometimes, you don't want to be subtle--you want a green paint color that's just as bold as you are. This bright green has a touch of earthiness, but the overall vibe is bright and cheerful.

Small Bedroom Ideas - Paint Colors:  Blue Fjord


For an adult's bedroom, you might be interested in a mature, calming blue paint color like Blue Fjord. This color is a deep blue that's calm and muted while still offering a splash of color. The depth of this color makes the room appear cozy and comforting--perfect for snuggling up in bed during the cold winter months. You can decorate the walls with subtle accents like mirrors and framed photographs. A dark blue bedspread completes the look with this blue paint color.
When you're searching for ideas for small bedrooms, it can be easy to get caught up in the spectrum of thousands of paint colors. Try starting with a base point and go from there. Do you want a neutral gray? A cooling blue? A vibrant red? Once you've chosen the basic color and tone, you can go from there. There's no shortage of small bedroom ideas available online, but only one of these colors will match that perfect visual in your head.

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