How To Paint Any Room In Your Home

Learn how to paint a room from prep to finish with these How-To Painting Guides

Learn How To Paint Any Room In Your Home

Find helpful tips, how-to's and tools to get the job done.

Paint Calculator

How Much Paint Do I Need?

This weekend is the weekend you stop putting off that weekend painting project. Get started with our paint calculator.

Paint Roller Advice

How To Use A Paint Roller – Dipping The Paint Roller

The sooner you start your paint project, the sooner you’ll be done. So, to get rolling right just follow the directions below and check out a helpful video on How to Dip a Roller.


What Painting Supplies Do I Need?

You know you need the paint, but what about all the other stuff?


What is the Best Paint Roller for Your Paint Project?

Have you ever stood in the paint roller aisle in the paint or home improvement store and wondered what the difference between paint roller covers was? Some are thick, some are thin, and they come in many colors. It can be confusing.

How-To Paint A House

How To Use Painters Tape

The hardest part of painting can be getting started. Not anymore. Glidden is here to help you learn how to use painter's tape and get started on your next painting project.

How To Paint A Room

How To Paint A Room

Want to learn how to paint a room? Pay attention to the very beginning of your project. It has the greatest impact on your overall success.


How To Cut In Ceilings When Painting A Room

No matter how hard you try to paint perfect lines where the wall meets the ceiling, it can sometimes be tough. Here are three tried-and-true methods that work.

How To Paint A Ceiling

How to Paint a Ceiling

Considering refreshing your space to make it your own? What if you repainted your ceiling? While most people play it safe, sticking to the generic white ceiling, you can be bold and truly stand out, by painting your ceiling.

How Do I Paint Over Painted Walls?

This sounds simple enough. The wall was good enough to be painted once. It shouldn’t be all that difficult to paint it again. Let’s break down a few common cases.

Front Door Colors

How To Paint French Doors

Adding a pop of color to your room is easy: paint your French doors! (That is, it's easy if you already have French doors in your room.)


How To Prep Indoor Furniture For Outdoor Use

Giving your indoor furniture a second chance outdoors? Learn how to properly prep your furniture for the wear and tear of the outdoors.

How-To Video

How to Save Dried-Up Paintbrushes

Painting doesn’t have to be so bad.  With Glidden Brush Ups learn tips and tricks to help make your project go a little smoother. 


How Do You Paint Shutters & Wooden Trim?

Painting your shutters and trim is a great way to give your home a bold update.

Painting Hacks

How to Finish Your Painting Project Right

After enough time goes by, do you find it difficult to remember if you used Shell White in the living room or was it Pebble White? Was it Satin or Eggshell? Here are some easy tips on recording these details now so you don’t have to remember them later.

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