How To Paint Small Spaces

How To Paint Small Spaces

Q: What's the best way to paint a small space?

A: If you have a small entryway, bathroom, powder room, if you're looking for Small Bathroom Ideas or just other small area to makeover, you may be wondering how to paint small spaces. The basics are the same: painter’s tape, a paint brush and a roller, but a few considerations can help make the job much easier.


Tools You Will Need

Painter’s Tape

A lot of people use painter’s tape for any paint project they do, but it is especially helpful in small spaces. It can be difficult to maneuver when there isn’t a lot of space to move around in, and the limited mobility makes it difficult to find a comfortable angle for painting. Tape everything off: baseboards, windows and doorways, ceilings and anything else you need to protect from paint. Then even if you can’t easily reach a space and your painting gets a little sloppy as a result, your lines will remain crisp and clean once you take the tape off.

Short-Handled Paint Brush

A paint brush with a short handle is great for tight spots. A 2″ angled brush is a good all-around choice, and actually, you won’t miss the handle. If you’re only going to own one paint brush, make it this one.

Mini Paint Roller

Standard rollers are great for covering large expanses of walls quickly with a nice, smooth finish. In smaller spaces though, it can be difficult (or even impossible) to fit the roller on certain expanses of wall. Mini paint rollers are not as wide, coming in at 3–4 inches instead of 9, and you can choose a skinny version too. A little paint tray to match is nice, but a standard one is just fine if you already have one on hand.


With the right tools, painting a small space will be easier. See what you can do in your small space!

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