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How to Finish Your Painting Project Right

Q: How can I keep track of what paint I used for a project?

A: After enough time goes by, do you find it difficult to remember if you used Shell White in the living room or was it Pebble White?  Was it Satin or Eggshell?  DIY Blogger Stefanie Schiada of Brooklyn Limestone gives Glidden® some easy tips on recording these details now so you don’t have to remember them later.

It may feel like the minute you clean your brushes and roll up the drop cloths that the job is done and you can put your feet up. WAIT! Not just yet.

Whether you are painting many rooms at once or slowly adding color over time, you’ll want a system to keep track of your choices, finishes and details so you can easily touch up scuffs or repaint after any later renovation.

If that weren’t enough reason, documenting your project palette can prove very useful when selecting furniture, fabrics and other touches for the room while you are out and about shopping. The method you choose for keeping a paint record depends on your own organizational style, but there are lots of options that take virtually no time or money to implement.

Here Are Some Suggestions

  1. Save the little color sample jars from your paint manufacturer in a cool, dry spot for reference down the road.  Make sure they have a color sticker with the name or write it on the label, if not.
  2. Save that used stir stick that is already coated with the paint.  Once dry, write the brand, finish and color name along with any other key details.  I like to drill a hole at the top and hang it in my supply closet.
  3. Take your color cards with you!  Paint a small swatch into a journal along with your notes and you can carry it around in your purse or car for reference when making your decorating decisions.
Whatever your method, spending the few extra minutes to record your color selections is worth it. Take my word for it—you’ll thank me later.

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