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Bedroom Paint Color Ideas

Bedroom Paint Color Ideas - Colors For Your Sleep Sanctuary

Sleep is sacred. So is your sleeping space. If it’s been a couple of years since your bedroom got a fresh coat of paint color, get ready to sand down the trim, prime, and paint it first. Once the trim is dry, protect it with painter's tape and paint the walls. Always strain and stir your paint well. With these bedroom paint ideas, you can refresh your bedroom paint colors and feel renewed each morning.

Bedroom Paint Color Ideas - Color Meditation

What bedroom paint colors are you naturally drawn to? Close your eyes and take ten full, deep breaths. Unclench your jaw. Release your shoulders down away from your ears. Visualize yourself sleeping in perfect comfort and peace. Imagine that everything around you is serene and filling you with a sense of ease. What colors do you see? Let the predominant color family in your mind's eye inspire your ideas for bedrooms. Neutral to cool shades of green, blue, and grey are always popular themes in bedrooms. Maybe you want your bedroom to take your mind to loamy forests of Salal Leaves, Moss Ring, or Jewel Weed. You might prefer floating in soft water like Serene Sea, Overcast, or Kimono. Think of drifting off as you imagine running your hands over smooth stones like Stargazer, Granite Grey, or Nocturnal Creek. If you live in a climate with harsh winters, you might feel more cozy in warmer red or orange tones like Sahara Sun, Wet Coral, Mexican Chile, or Caramelized Orange.

Bedroom Paint Color Ideas - The Eyes Have It

Our eyes give us important cues for waking and sleeping. The way you paint your room can help support rest and refreshment. If you prefer a darker all-around shade, one paint color strategy is to use a light-reflecting color on the wall you see when you first wake up. Bedrooms often use a dark paint colors like Wild Wisteria behind the headboard as an accent wall, and a lighter paint color like Cosmic in the rest of the room to brighten up the morning. One modern twist to two-tone bedroom paint colors is to paint the entire top half of the bedroom walls a dark color, and the bottom half in a contrasting shade. Use a glossy finish on the darker paint color to give this look full dimension. Do you stare at the ceiling at night? Consider taking your dark shade all the way onto the ceiling for a unique, sleep-supporting statement.

Bedroom Paint Color Ideas - See The Light

Maybe you get to wake up with the sun and allow the natural light to bring you back from sleep. Maybe you wake up in the pre-dawn hours or you work at night. From your overall bedroom paint colors and shade preference, adjust the brightness of your paint color selection to the existing brightness of your bedroom. Lots of natural light or prominent overhead light can make otherwise-lovely paint colors for bedrooms look overwhelming and fluorescent. Likewise, if natural or man-made obstacles block natural light access and you rely on lamps, some bedroom paint colors will look so dark the room feels claustrophobic. Observe your overall light level, and think of colors in terms of their absorption or reflection of light. Green Pear can lift up a room with low light, whereas Crystal Ball can balance a bright room.

Bedroom Paint Color Ideas - Accessories and Trim

Your bedroom paint ideas might be influenced by how much of your room consists of baseboards, crown molding, shelving, window frames, and other features. They all need to be incorporated into your painting plan. These details are a great opportunity for either the lightest or darkest color in your paint colors for bedrooms palette. Choose a high contrast color from your main bedroom paint colors, and use a glossy finish. If you want an open, modern look with a light neutral like Glistening Gray or a cool shade like Sorcerer on the walls, consider Mostly Metal or Krimson Lake Blue for your trim. Darker walls of Sweet Spiceberry gain depth with trim in Winter Peach. If you want maximum brightening during the day, go for all-over light color--including trim--or mostly-white trim like Aria with any bright shade. Imagine your perfect sleep surroundings, and start writing down ideas for bedrooms to plan.

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