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Bathroom Paint Ideas

4 Bathroom Color Ideas

Painting a bathroom really makes a house a home. Many bathrooms, especially half-bathrooms, are relatively small and contain interesting shapes and angles. Take this opportunity to try out bolder paint colors on a smaller scale or introduce an intense shade to the home-- or keep it classic with neutral tones.  Be mindful of the cabinetry, sink, and other fixtures in your bathroom and match the walls accordingly. Glidden offers some of the best, high-quality paints to achieve any look for your bathroom paint ideas.  Read on for some of the best bathroom paint colors.  

Bathroom Color Ideas - 1. Cinnamon Brandy  [PPG1199-5]  

Do not be intimidated by the boldness of warm-colored bathroom paint colors. Fall is the perfect time to transition into an earthy shade.  Cinnamon Brandy falls within the orange family, but is not jarringly orange, nor is it too bright of a red.  It's muted and subtle.  Explore different, unconventional shades for bathroom paint ideas and you won't be disappointed.

Bathroom Color Ideas - 2. Gray Stone  [PPG1009-4]

Gray is a neutral standby paint color, but that certainly doesn't make it dull.  When it comes to bathroom colors, gray paint colors like Gray Stone can work with any decor.  Bathroom ideas with a gray background allow the use of accessories and artwork to really make the space vibrant.  

Bathroom Color Ideas - 3. Chalky Blue  [PPG1153-5]

Using a blue/gray fusion, Chalky Blue achieves a sleek, elegant, monochromatic look. Ideal for modern bathrooms-- or putting a contemporary twist on a classic theme-- this blue paint color adds polish to your space. When it comes to ideas for bathrooms, Chalky Blue paint color elevates the space a notch.   Author's Note:  My downstairs bathroom is this exact color.  I have a set of agate slices trimmed in gold that fits so beautifully into this room. We love it!  

Bathroom Color Ideas - 4. Cavern Moss  [PPG1124-5]

Cavern Moss is a deep sage hue that really makes a smaller space pop.  It's a natural, mossy shade of paint color that pairs well with lighter cabinets.  One of the more cozy and unique bathroom ideas, this greenish/grayish tint makes the room feel homey.  Sometimes bathrooms can feel cold, but green paint colors such as this ensures that never happens.  

Bathroom Color Ideas - Pick the Perfect Shade

Whatever bathroom paint colors you choose, Glidden has the perfect shade for you.  Browse our website to find popular paint colors divided by color family.  There are also tons of tips for how to paint, setting moods with color, and other interior design tricks.  Best of all, they offer free color swatches, color matching, and a free virtual consultation.   Tell us about your ideas for bathrooms as well.

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